Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday and Halloween!

Happy Friday! Happy Halloween! My only advice is, try to keep your shizz together this weekend. For most people, Halloween means candy and huge amounts of alcohol, and it IS a holiday so I won't preach against this. In fact, I will probably be participating in this. But, like I said...TRY to be a normal human.

Girls..if a guy in a gorilla suit whose face you cannot see feeds you 15 Kamakaze shots and invites you back to his apartment....say no. Be smart. Halloween is a good way for rapists to go unidentified. I was raised by a crazy mother who would not let me play in sandboxes for fear I would become infertile if I came into contact with cat crap. Toxoplasmosis or something....look it up. But thats my explanation for why I think things like that. Nobody wants to be raped by the Burger King, so please, be careful while you are having your slutty costume fun!

Have a good weekend everyone, and I will talk to you on Monday.

PS: I have a Burger King mask.

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