Friday, October 22, 2010

Late Friday Post...

I know, I know. Where the HELL is my HAPPY FRIDAY post. Sorry. But here it is. And in my opinion, this late post is even more awesome because we will all be out of work in a few hours. If I said Happy Friday this morning, you would all be like "motherf*cker I have to wait all day to get out of work, my life is a suck festival." But now its like " Its only a couple of hours, Haley is so cool." I am declaring this the best Friday post yet.

So last night I went to Texas Roadhouse with my sister, my cousin Meg and my sister's loud boyfriend Janx. He paid for us. It was nice, and I am very grateful and appreciative. We ate so much meat, and Meg had her first meal at a restaurant as a converting Paleo. I say converting because she is still in the process. She cut down from 5 rolls to 1, so VIRTUAL HIGH FIVES AND BODY SLAMS ALL AROUND!

Anyway. Meg mentioned something INCREDIBLE at dinner. She said she would be so honored and give me all her life savings if she could be a guest writer on Health Gone Wild. Now, normally I would not let ANYONE touch my blog because people suck at writing. I have yet to come across anyone that I would even consider letting type one word on this blog. Even if it was a really funny swear word that they wanted to type. But for Meg, I will make an exception. Shes only 5 feet tall and shes full of pizazz. I couldn't say no. And if she was just saying it as one of those ideas that she thought would never really happen, well GUESS WHAT? I GOT MY READERS ALL EXCITED, SO START WRITING, BITCH.

So Happy Friday everyone! Do whatever you think is fun! As a general rule I could give two hippo nuts what other people do, but if you're happy I'm happy. I'll be spending my weekend doing what I do best. Crushing workouts, laying around, drinking wine, and being hilarious. See you all Monday!!!

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