Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Worldly...

I found a good article. Its about how eating healthy fat will not make you fat, but it also briefly addresses a question I have had for quite some time. I always heard that people are so skinny in countries like Italy because they eat their meals slow and stop eating once they're full (lame.) But this still confused me because I know that the typical Italian diet includes pasta and bread. Then I thought about French bread and realized that the skinny little Frenchies are eating bread too. So what the hell is going on?

Well, I figured it out. People in Italy and France and other countries that are not big fat America might eat bread, but they don't ask for another basket when it runs out. Americans will literally order bread basket after bread basket until their pasta (with garlic bread) and chocolate cake finally gets brought over by the big fat waitress. Europeans may have a roll here and there, but they like to cook and they appreciate quality meat and seafood more than a tasteless piece of bread. Americans appreciate Panera. In case you were wondering, Panera makes me want to end my life. NINE DOLLARS for a pre-made half sandwich and some weird soup that comes out of a bag? And some hard bread that cuts the top of your mouth when you try to eat it? They should pay me to eat that garbage. If you are going to eat crap, just go to Burger King where the bread is soft and you can stay in the car and shove so many french fries in your mouth at a time for $4 cheaper. F*ck fre-Wifi, Panera is for lame ass hipsters who don't know anything. If I ever get the urge to dip hard bread in bagged soup and stare at crazy people, I can go to the Pine Street Inn for free. Effing Panera.

Anyways. So this is the answer to the question of why Europeans can still be thin when they have carbs in their diet. The thing to focus on here, is that THIN does not mean FIT. Europeans may be skinny, but from what I have seen, they smoke a lot of cigarettes which results in less eating. Also, they ride bikes everywhere, so that is also a factor. And, with any country, there are always exceptions to the rule. I am sure there are tons of gigantic people in Europe, just as there are tons of (OK, just me) sexy Americans. So, while my opinion on why Europeans are skinny may not be the most SCIENTIFIC (yes it is,) its definitely something to think about when thinking about cutting grains out of your diet.

I think what we can learn from this is that if we want to stop being fatty round heads, we can either cut down on the grains, or take up smoking on a bike. If you have any further questions, I'll be at the Pine Street Inn.

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