Thursday, September 2, 2010


I cant tell if this is a joke or not. This morning I was browsing blogs to shamelessly steal ideas for Health Gone Wild, and I came across this little gem. Its a guy who loves being fat, but not all over his body, in his upper body ONLY. He makes it VERY clear that he has regular legs and a small butt. I found this funny because when I was a fatty I also had regular legs and a small butt. This sucked for me because dudes like junk in the trunk, not a girl who is Roseanne on the top and Steven Tyler on the bottom. But whatever, now I am Fergie except taller and without the crazy face. Ok I MIGHT be exaggerating but Health Gone Wild is judgment free except that we judge the guy who writes this blog because he is just asking for it....

Before everyone gets mad at me and says I am hating on fat people I want to say that NO IM NOT. Don't forget, I WAS a fat person. I just think that there is a major difference between being a happy person who respects themselves who happens to be overweight, and a person who puts up websites about how ecstatic they are that their belly covers their mother-effing privates. Thats gross.

Nobody is perfect, and everyone carries a few extra pounds from time to time and thats cool with me. I am all for loving the way you look and being confident. Confidence is the best. I just think there is a fine line between truly feeling beautiful and secretly feeling terrible. I think this guy (if this is a genuine blog) is NOT really that happy with the way he looks, so his defense mechanism is pretending its his goal to get as fat as possible. You only get one body, why the hell would you want to treat it like that? I've seen those shows about the world's fattest people. One guy went to get married in a park and they had to tow him behind a giant truck on his humungous bed. Then the bed collapsed in the street and he missed his own wedding. So I think he is still single if anyone is interested...

I would like to know what people think about this whole Fat Acceptance thing. Is it a modern day civil rights movement to get people to be less critical of overweight people? Or is it a cop out for people who have given up on trying to get healthy? PLEASE DONT BE OFFENDED. I LOVE FATTIES. I just don't know how to feel about this. I mean, if I started the "Society For Bitchy Chicks Who Talk Too Much" (I am going to) and claimed it was just not in my genetics to be a dainty little lady who lunches, would that be OK? What do all my followers think? Don't all respond at once, the tremendous traffic might slow down the blog!! :)


  1. Dear Blog Writer,
    I believe you have a wide variety of great ideas in here. Granted some of your grammar and comparisons are a little off, but again, this is a judgement free zone. I agree that people should be confident in themselves. However if you are pushin' 400 pounds and chose to wear spandex Im not confident that I would be able to hold down my lunch. This is where the line should be drawn. You can still be confident without having me to charge you for the lunch I just lost. Gracias.

  2. Dear Co-Worker Behind Me Who Wishes to Remain a Mystery,
    Thank you for the blog support. I am happy that you shared your opinions about where the line should be drawn (spandex) between overweight people and people who take fat to the extreme. I also like that you said I had great ideas. Tell me where my grammatical errors are and I will fix them just for you. :)

  3. am Fergie exept taller and without the crazy face.

  4. fixed. thanks for paying attention to my usual.