Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still Going Strong...

The long weekend came and went and I didn't cave in. Thats right, I made it through Labor Day (which has been #1 on my list of favorite holidays since childhood) without drinking. That will be two full weeks tomorrow, which is the longest I have gone without drinking probably since I was born. Or at least since I came across some peeps who were 21 and would drop me off a 30 rack in the woods that I could pick up later. I was such a sneaky little bitch.

In case you are wondering, giving up alcohol has not resulted in me losing those 7lbs I want to lose. In fact, I have GAINED 5lbs. In my own defense, I was a machine in the gym last week and could not stop PR'ing to save my life. I shoulder pressed ten pounds more than I ever have and ran a 7 minute mile. So I can't say for certain that these are definitely just 5lbs of lard. However, in order to prevent any further expansion of my body I am back to the strict Paleo Diet that I was so good at before the summer came. F'ing cookouts!

What that means is I will no longer be purchasing ice cream or eating ANY candy at all from the office candy drawer or anywhere else in the office. My boss brought in some candy from Ireland last week and I ate it because I didn't want to get fired. In retrospect, that was ridiculous. I am way too hot to get fired.

I feel that it is important to note that my cravings for alcohol have been decreasing over time. In the beginning, it was a little weird being in a situation where I would usually be slamming down brewskis and not having an ice cold can in my hand. But as time passes, I miss booze less and less. This could be because I have replaced alcohol with caffeine, but I am slowly weaning myself off the whole seven coffees a day gig too. I am thinking of replacing the caffeine with either a japanese anime collection or sex. Decisions, decisions...

I couldn't really think of a relevant picture to go with this post so here are my cats. They were left on the side of the highway and we saved them. Now they are free to drag floss and Q-Tips out of the trash and all over the house until their dying day. So without further introduction, here is Ned and Penguin! Aren't they cute as hell?



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