Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Alert the media! Oh wait, that already happened. Apparently, some study was conducted and the results were that people who treat their bodies like shizz are more likely to blame their problems on genetics. Oh wow, so shocking, I just can't believe it.

How is this study even worth publishing? Let me create a real life example for all of you. Who would you expect to just blame their poor health on their genes? Someone sitting outside Burger King drunk and smoking butts waiting for their Double Whopper to be brought out by the drive-thru guy because they forgot the mayo...or someone who is a non-smoker, participates in frequent exercise, and eats healthy except for the occassional Butterfinger (ok its me.) I mean really! Is it that big of a shock to society that when people get to what they feel is the "point of no return" they just give up and blame it on genetics? Its not your genes that made you have Type 2 Diabetes...its the Slurpee/Frito combo that you get everyday at Cumby's for 99cents. I mean you are obviously very financially responsible because thats a kick ass deal, but when you are 350lbs complaining that your knees hurt because arthritis runs in your family, something aint right kid!

I consider myself a pioneer of a lot of things. Comedy, fashion, awkward moments, and most importantly fitness. Nobody in my immediate family had even heard of CrossFit or any other exercise program like it before I came flying in one day like a maniac and couldn't stop talking about it. If my family went on Family Double Dare I would definitely be team captain. And we would win or I would put myself right up for adoption which at my age I think means you're a hooker. Whatever. The point is...you are YOU. And while genetics do play a role in everything from how you look to your health, GENES ARE NOT THE ONLY FACTOR. I mean look at Kelly Osborne. She was a big fat walking bag of drugs for a long ass time. But now she is skinny and even looks kind of like a girl. Her father ate the mother effing head off a bat and her mother was clinically obese for years! Be Kelly Osborne mofos. You create your own fricken destiny, so why not look and feel good while creating it?

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