Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Flingin'-Flangin' Friday!

Well, I don't have anything to say except Happy Friday! The weekend is here and that means its time for everyone to do whatever they want. I hate when people talk about how they feel so bad that they don't mulch their stupid yard or paint weird antiques or do other dumb ass shizz on the weekend because they were just “too tired.” A) That's a boring topic and B) I only like to talk about myself so pipe down.

In my opinion, the weekend is for doing what you want. If you get the urge to shackle the roof of the shed, do it. Likewise, if you get the urge to watch Taxicab Confessions with no pants on and drink Mimosas, do THAT. I wonder if shackling a shed is a real thing. I already KNOW that watching Taxicab Confessions in your underwear is a real thing.

In totally unrelated news, Christmas candy is out. And Christmas Tree Cakes. I know that I push Paleo on everybody all the time and everything, but we all know that I need a good cheat day as bad as Miley Cyrus needs a retainer and sterilization. For this reason, I am letting you in on a little recipe I came up with a few years ago that just makes me want to punch Santa right in the balls with holiday delight. Christmas Tree Cakes in the freezer. You can thank me later with money and compliments on my physical appearance.

OK. I am going to enjoy my weekend, as I always do. Have fun, be safe...freeze up some CTC's and get ready to have your effing mind blown out the back of your head. See you Monday!!!

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