Friday, November 5, 2010


Its that time of the week again. Happy Friday! I will admit, I don't like having those weird conversations with people at work where they say " How are you?" and you say " I'm good, I'm so happy its Friday." Thats stupid. I don't like to just say things to keep it from getting weird. But we are all friends here, so there is nothing wrong with celebrating the weekend!!!!! Happy effing Friday everyone!!!!!

This weekend is a big weekend, not for me, but for Nick. He is competing in the Beast of the East competition on Saturday and I have more anxiety about it than he does. Beast of the East is a CrossFit competition where 100 men and 100 women compete in four different events to win the ultimate title of BEAST OF THE EAST. I personally am afraid that one of the events will be a run, and my little Mighty Mouse (Nick is not a large man) will get trampled like my grandfater did one time when he lined up at 5am to get my sister and me " Go Go My Walkin' Pups" for Christmas. The only thing easing my fear of this tragic death by stampede is that he signed up in the women's division. You go girl!

OK OBVIOUSLY, all sarcasm aside, I am so proud of Nick and I know he will do so great tomorrow (and YES, he is in the MEN'S competition.) I want everyone who knows him to wish him luck or you can't read my blog anymore. And I would also like everyone who would feel weird contacting him to MENTALLY tell him to kick some ass! Even if Nick comes in dead last tomorrow, it doesn't even matter because he will still get to unveil his brand new, shiny, black Under Armor leggings to the world. Clearly, the situation is a win/win. GO NICK! MAY THE LEGGINGS LEAD YOU TO VICTORY!

" Prepare to lose, bitches."

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