Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh No!

Well, this is definitely true. And maybe you don't know this, but I have two cats that sometimes when I think about how much I love them, I cry. I am not afraid to admit it. Definitely not a crazy cat lady, but those little guys are cute as hell!

So, if you like this blog, don't kill my cats! Get to the gym, NOW! Guys like girls who are so sexy and slendahhh and girls like the hunnies with the muscles. This all happens at the gym, not sitting around eating while innocent kittens die because of YOU!

For some reason, there has been about 45 feet of snow per day falling on Massachusetts. I get it, this makes it hard to drive. I once crashed my car in a snowstorm and it was terrifying. I get it...terror. So plan ahead, dumbass! If the weather forecast says "Oh no, Mother Nature looking like she really needs to take a giant white shit on Masachusetts on Wednesday" and Wednesday is a gym day, plan to be in that gym burpeeing it up on your rest day. Thats the way it goes, homeboy. True champions don't miss workouts. I mean it.

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