Friday, August 27, 2010

Lean Mean Exercise Machine???

I was thinking this morning while I was supposed to be working about how I haven't used an exercise machine since I started doing CrossFit. Thats right, homies. Its been almost a year since I have sat my sweaty ass down on a seat that a thousand other people have sat their sweaty asses on and pumped out mad reps. I used to love machines at the gym. Well, I used to love the two machines that I knew how to use. I had the GREATEST time sitting there, grabbing those black handles, moving my arms in and out as many times as I felt like it on that particular day. I could talk to my friends, I could move that little pin up if my big fat body couldn't handle the was "exercise" without the exercise and it was the best.

These days, things are different. I can't go into a workout with the game plan of doing as many reps as I feel like. I can't chat with my friends about why no boys ever love me. Even if it is acceptable to drop to a lower weight during the workout, I don't like to do it because I feel like a total baby! If I was sitting leisurely at a machine, I could do all of these things and more. I could sip a margarita, get a pedicure, and discuss how I wish I was born ten years ago so Justin Beiber could be my boyfriend; all the while pumping my arms in and out thinking I was exercising. BOGUS!

Fortunately, I am not the only person who thinks exercise machines are for amateurs. Most, if not all, Crossfitters hate exercise machines and so does the guy who wrote this article (click the title of the post to get to the article...I know, so advanced!) The beginning of it is a little bit "blah, blah, blah, who cares?" but then he goes on to list five reasons why exercise machines are useless. There is nothing you can do on a machine that you can't do off a machine.Say that five times fast. And these are the final days of nice weather before New England gives us the finger once again and we are pounded with sixty-five feet of snow. So get out there and do some REAL exercise while you can! Machines are for freaks!!!!!

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