Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...

OK. Well, today I am officially fast food free for one year!!!!! No stopping for some nuggets on road trips, no late night adventures through the 24 hour McDonalds, I didn't even steal ANY of my brother's french fries for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

In honor of this momentous day, I am going to embarrass the living crap out myself. I am going to post before and after pictures of my body (OMG). The before picture is from my first year of college and I WAS WEARING SWEATPANTS AT A PARTY BECAUSE MY LARD ASS COULDN'T FIT IN MY JEANS. The second picture is from a 4th of July cookout this past July.I think anyone would agree that I look a little better these days.

This is humiliating. I was one large mother effer, and the worst part is, I strutted my enormous body all over campus thinking i was hot shizz! If I had a time machine I would go right back to 2004 and punch myself right in my big, bloated, bleach blonde face.

I want to emphasize that this was not a crash diet, eating disorder, or just some freak illness where I shrunk down to a normal sized person.I changed my life. I started exercising harder than I ever had and challenging myself in the gym every day. I stopped eating crap food and more importantly, I stopped eating enough food for six people every day. This transformation took me about a year, but its been the most rewarding year of my life. Who feels better about themselves when they have a giant puffy face and a huge gut? NOBODY. Now I can walk with confidence everywhere I go. If I get into a bar fight aint no bitch gonna call me fat! So here they are...my before and after pictures. Nothing like a little public humiliation to start your day!!!



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